Mediation Services

Merge Mediation Group (MMG) offers mediation services in three contexts:

Pre-litigation: if a dispute is brewing, but there is presently no litigation pending, MMG can help parties nip the conflict in the bud and avert costly and time-consuming litigation by facilitating communication and dialogue that addresses the underlying tensions, resentments and misunderstandings that are the source of the dispute.

Post-litigation: if there is already litigation pending, MMG can help the parties bring the lawsuit to swift conclusions by focusing on the business interests underlying the lawsuit, and searching for bargaining zones that present opportunities for reciprocal exchanges of value.

Transactional: parties looking to close a deal frequently encounter psychological and other non-economic barriers that threaten to derail an otherwise economically sound agreement. By serving as a neutral, mutually trusted intermediary, we can help parties resolve open issues that have turned negotiations adversarial and swiftly reach agreement.