Joshua Fruchter

Joshua FruchterJosh brings a diverse background and toolkit to the table as a mediator – 25 years of negotiating deals and settlements as a litigation and transactional attorney, 17 years as the principal of a family business, rabbinic ordination, and advanced commercial mediation training.

After graduating from NYU School of Law, Josh honed his dispute resolution skills as a bankruptcy litigator at Kaye Scholer LLP (now Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP). During his six years at the firm, Josh regularly negotiated resolution of disputes between debtors and creditors.

More recently, as a partner at the securities class action firm of Wohl  & Fruchter LLP, Josh has since 2011 participated in the negotiation of over $325 million in class action settlements, primarily through mediation.

As the principal of eLawMarketing, an online marketing agency for law firms, Josh gained insight into the dynamics of entrepreneurial family-owned businesses, including strategies for resolving work-related conflicts in a fast-paced business environment.

Josh has authored articles on specialized topics in bankruptcy law, and the intersection of American and Jewish law. He is also the author of a two-volume collection of essays on ethical insights in the ancient Jewish legal text known as the Talmud. Following the page-a-day (“daf yomi“) cycle of Talmud study, Josh’s essays explore, among other topics, the intersection between Jewish ethical teachings and modern disciplines such as psychology and quantum physics.

Evidencing his creative side, Josh is also the developer of Mailbox Pals, a portfolio of illustrated cartoon characters consisting of anthropomorphic letters and packages.

In his spare time, Josh enjoys swimming, and spending time with his family.

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